Corporate Social Responsibility

First Pack believes in partnering both in business and social issues with its stakeholders. The company have participated in several social responsibility activities within and outside Harare.

Several police departments in cities such as Harare, Kwekwe and Bulawayo have received some stationery to help in in their duties of curbing crime. We honour the work of our police force to the extent that we believe that helping them with some resources will keep our society at peace and safe

The company have partnered Harare Girls High to clean the city. It has also partnered Zimbabwe Open University to clean Harare’s market square bus terminus. We believe in a clean environment to the extent that we have also partnered with Mukuvisi woodlands on forest conservation programs.

School children are the future of our nation. First Pack have in several cities and occasions donated several stationary and ICT products to different schools. This is to help in the development of the child hence a better society.

First Pack has been a perennial donor for the Harare Schools Provincial Merit Awards. Different types of awards have been given year after year. These items ranges from stationery and ICT products.

Stationery Donations have been given to Turnwald Quiz competitions which draws participants from different provinces. School kids will be battling in different disciplines in order to sharpen their minds. We have also participated in the recognition of future leaders. First Pack team was invited to the inauguration of Dzivarasekwa Primary Prefects.

Khami district Merit Award in Bulawayo received some stationery and other items as awards to give to their excelling students, schools and teaching staff.