Standard sizes: 600 H x 900 W, 900 H x 900 W, 900 H x 1200 W, 900 H x 1800 W, 1200 H x 1200 W, 1200 H x 1500 W, 1200 H x 2100 W, 1200 H x 2400 W
A wall-mounted magnetic whiteboard is a versatile and essential tool for offices, classrooms, and meeting spaces. It features a smooth, erasable writing surface that allows users to write, draw, and diagram with dry-erase markers. What sets it apart is its magnetic backing, enabling the attachment of documents, notes, and magnetic accessories directly onto the board. These boards come in various sizes and frame options to suit different needs and aesthetics. They are durable, easy to clean, and ideal for collaborative work, presentations, and organisation. Whether for teaching, brainstorming, or project planning, wall-mounted magnetic whiteboards are invaluable for enhancing communication and productivity.


The Whiteboards category offers a wide range of versatile and practical magnetic whiteboards, suitable for various settings. These whiteboards come in different sizes, catering to different needs and spaces. From compact 600*450mm options to more spacious 2400*1200mm variations, there are sizes available for personal use as well as group collaboration.